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Announcing DB2 9.7 and InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7

My colleagues on the DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse teams announced today new versions of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse.  

Conor O'Mahoney has a number of highlights posted on his blog on his blog already, and keep checking back in there and over at today and during the coming weeks for more details.

While I will leave it to those closer to the products to provide details on all of the enhancements, these new releases offer improvements around compression, partitioning and administration, XML enhancements, security, workload management and monitoring, developer productivity, and warehouse-specific enhancements.  

From the press release:

IBM  is addressing the challenge of today's business leaders to deliver greater return on their IT investments with new versions of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse software. Code-named "Cobra," the new version of DB2 introduced today reduces an even greater amount of space needed to store data, helping clients save up to 75% on related costs including energy -- more than any other available database software. This offering is also the industry's first database software that will deliver business analytics capabilities for both relational and XML data at the same time.

The press release highlights the benefits that one DB2 customer - UCLA Medical Center - is seeing.  They've managed to reduce the storage required for their medical records - all of which are stored online - by 50%, while reducing the time required for administrative tasks by 35%.

To learn more, about DB2 9.7, please join us for a DB2 9.7 Overview webcast (Chat with the Lab) on May 6 at 11:30 AM ET.  

And, if you are interested in trying out these new releases for yourself, you can sign up for the DB2 9.7 Early Access Program.  Participants in the Early Access Program can download the code, read the technical documentation, and get more information on the products.  To sign up for the Early Access Program, please see