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Announcing Analytics Solution Centers to promote Business Analytics and Optimization

Closely following the recent announcement of the Business Analytics and Optimization service line, earlier this week IBM announced that it would be opening a network of Analytics Solutions Centers in locations around the world, with the first five being opened over the next few months.

Three of the Analytics Solution centers will be located in the major financial centers of New York, London and Tokyo, and will be initially staffed with more than 100 consultants and mathematicians each, serving clients seeking a deeper view of financial risk across markets as they look to incorporate predictive insight into their business operations.  Another, located in Washington, D.C. at the IBM Institute for Electronic Government, will focus on analytics requirements needed to manage economic recovery investments.  The fifth Analytics Solution Center will be located in Beijing, and will focus on rail and transportation analytics.

The press release on the announcement highlights the purpose of these centers:

The centers will enable IBM to meet growing client demand for advanced analytics capabilities as part of new, smarter business systems. Much of this demand is driven by new stimulus investments around the world in areas such as financial risk management, smart grids, electronic medical records and food tracking. These clients are embedding new sensor technology into their processes in order to gather better performance and management data. Organizations are then leveraging new analytics capabilities to turn that data into predictive intelligence to help run new digital infrastructures more effectively and smarter.