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Anil Mahadev: Download DB2 .NET Learning Videos

Since this didn't get picked up by PlanetDB2, I thought I'd repost Anil Mahadev's recent blog post about the DB2 .NET Learning videos that he has created.  

Thanks for making them available, Anil!

My DB2 .NET Videos are now Available for Download on SkyDrive
Hi All,

Due to extensive requests from my fellow ChannelDB2 Members,

I have uploaded all my Videos to Windows Live SkyDrive to enable them to view it Online or Offline.

Download DB2 .NET Learning Videos

Click on the DB2 .NET Training Videos Folder.

Then navigate between Windows and Web Applications

You are free to download them and watch them Online.


Happy and Prosperous 2009 to all!

DB2 Rocks!

Anil Mahadev