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Analytics and the US Open: From Data to Intelligence

Like many of you who follow tennis, I've known that IBM has for a while now provided technology to help run the major grand slam events.  I recently came across a video, though, that highlights how we're not only providing raw data, but intelligence to fans, broadcasters, coaches and players.

As Greta Wilson, an IBM Program Manager, relates, there is so much data being generated over the course of each game (let alone the tournament) that it's easy to get overloaded.  As she states:  "Everyone has data, but those who apply intelligence to that... they're going to have a competitive advantage."

In addition to powering the scoreboards, online and mobile experience for the event, IBM also provides players, coaches and commentators with a match analysis DVD, which combines scores, statistics and video of each match.  It allows them to slice and dice the video of the match any which way they'd like, jumping directly to video of all aces, for example, or backhand winners or unforced errors.  They can look at their strengths, they can look at their weaknesses - whatever will best help them get ready for the next match.

Fred Balboni, General Manager for IBM's Business Analytics and Optimization GBS service line, comments on why this is so helpful: "Players and coaches can spend less time collecting and organizing information, and instead can develop plans to increase their level of play."

Tennis commentator Mary Carillo talks about how she heads back to get all the numbers and stats, to understand how the players are doing, so she can points the fans towards what is important to pay attention to during that match.  Martina Navratilova also describes in the video how having the information and statistics helps her tell a better story.

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