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Alcatel-Lucent introduces Lotus Sametime integration

At the VON conference today, Alcatel-Lucent introduced integration from their OmniTouch Unified Communication software into Lotus Sametime, allowing users of both applications to do things like click-to-call from the Lotus Sametime client, audio conferencing integration into Sametime Web conferences, and in a feature unique to the integration with Alcatel-Lucent, call recording.

Some additional details from a NetworkWorld article on the integration:

Customers that have both Alcatel-Lucent's OmniTouch Unified Communication software and IBM's Lotus Sametime product can take advantage of the new offering, which will be available in the next few weeks on IBM's Web site for Sametime partner applications.
The deal announced Tuesday calls for Alcatel-Lucent and IBM to offer the OmniTouch My Teamwork for Lotus Sametime, a free plug-in that provides the ability to click-to-conference directly from both Lotus Sametime and Lotus Notes, as well as to provide audio-conference scheduling and management from Lotus Sametime's Web conferencing feature.