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Alan is my new hero!

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Alan Lepofsky is my new hero!  (OK, maybe not that new, but still...)

The other day he blogged about how you could add views to the Notes 8.0.1 sidebar with just one little click on the widgets sidebar.  Pretty cool.

And so, just like in Alan's example, I added my blog view to my sidebar.  It was pretty convenient, but not really life changing.

But this morning something clicked.

"I wonder if I could put my Action Items journal page in the side bar?"

For the past year I've been trying my best to live life the Getting Things Done way, with more success than not, I'd say.  For a variety of reasons, I don't use one of the great GTD templates out there, which can help to assign action items and track projects, but rather a flat list in the Notes journal.  

And while I keep my action  list open during the day, it's really just another tab amongst the dozen other mail, calendar, teamroom, and blog tabs open at any given time in Notes, and it's all too easy to ignore it in favor of the newest e-mail to drop into my mailbox.

Well, no more.

Now, all day long, my actions are going to be staring me in the face, keeping me from getting pulled away into lower priority e-mail or other items.

Like blogging.


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Alan Lepofsky:  Add views to the Notes 8.0.1 sidebar