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Additional news roundup from IOD2009

We're continuing to see news come in from the IOD 2009 Conference.  Some highlights from the past week:

  • IBM is predicting that business analytics software will be one of 2010's hottest technologies, as companies attempt to squeeze as much value as possible out of their data.  
  • IBM is betting business analytics software will be the next big wave hitting IT in the next decade, as more companies seek to cut costs by plumbing and optimizing all the data they're sitting on.
- The Register
  • There is no doubt IBM has big plans for SPSS. It formed a new services arm dedicated to business analytics, staffing it with some 4,000 consultants. A key focus of the organization will be no doubt to push predictive analytics, which focus on determining future events and exploring "what-if" scenarios, versus generating reports from batches of historical data.
- PC World
  • "Information-led transformation has just begun," said Goyal. "We are way ahead, but to me we are just beginning, because everybody is going to follow us. I say this is bigger than ERP and CRM combined."  He added: " . . . . Every day, clients are telling us what kind of problems they can’t solve."   IBM had around 15,000 new clients in the business intelligence space, and Goyal said that it was looking ahead with a huge research department doing first of a kind projects.
- InformationWeek Global CIO Blog