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Additional coverage of SPSS acquisition and Smart Analytics System launch

There's been a lot of additional coverage of the SPSS acquisition and yesterday's launch of the Smart Analytics System.

IBM VP of Information Management Strategy Inhi Cho Suh appeared on Fox Business yesterday to discuss the acquisition and announcements live.  (They don't seem to allow embedding of the video - click through for the clip.)


A number of analysts have started to post their thoughts on the matter, as well:
"IBM dropped a big bombshell at the start of any already action-packed day for the analyst community. The bombshell was IBM’s announcement that it’s acquiring SPSS.... The acquisition, subject to the usual shareholder approvals and regulatory reviews, is expected to close later this year. But, even in advance of that near-certain consummation, IBM’s bold move has already sent shockwaves throughout the analytics market.... By acquiring SPSS, IBM has acquired a substantial PA/DM brand with a very loyal set of longtime customers who have build their customer churn, supply chain optimization, and other predictive models on its best-of-breed platform." - James Kobielus, Forrester

"IBM IoD has made 27 acquisitions in this space – including Cognos and ILOG – and has been trying to focus on delivering a complete analytic value proposition to IBM’s clients. SPSS' predictive analytics added to IBM’s IoD stack makes this information-led transformation more possible. IBM wants analytics to become a way of doing business not just a back office thing and that means embedding analytics into more systems, something that SPSS has always been better at than most anlaytic companies. Of course the Smarter Planet initiative is strongly aligned with this – the use of information and analytics is critical to the delivery of the kind of smarter systems that smarter planet needs. Finally it was nice to hear Ambuj emphasize the additive nature of this approach – that adding analytics to existing systems is a great way to make them smarter." - James Taylor

"So what are the implications of IBM SPSS acquisition? Plenty! .... IBM can compete more effectively with SAS, TIBCO Spotfire, MicroStrategy, Microsoft and Information Builders in deals that require both traditional and advanced analytics."  - Boris Evelson, Forrester

Additional media coverage includes: