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A trip down memory lane

Alan must be doing some virtual spring cleaning.  In addition to his post from the "I Am" days, he forwarded on a Sametime 1.5 data sheet, which was fun for me to see, since it predates my direct involvement with Sametime.  I particularly liked seeing some of what we were introducing as new in that release (and should I mention the copyright on the piece is 1999?):

What's new in Sametime 1.5? [excerpts]
  • Ability to launch instant online meetings directly from the Connect client
  • Support for URL hotlinks within chat session or instant message
  • Encrypted transmission of chat data
  • Ability to save chat transcripts for review later

But what I really liked was seeing something that wasn't even listed as new, but rather enhanced (and again - this is release 1.5 of the product):  

  • Robust developer toolkit -  enhancements provide more access to Sametime facilities so you can easily embed real-time collaboration directly into existing applications.

Sametime 15 Brochure.jpg