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A record-setting weekend

Well, it seems that the University of Michigan football team has earned itself another record, although this one is a dubious one at best.  On Saturday they became the first ranked Div 1-A team to be beaten by a Div I-AA team (although to their credit, Appalachian State is coming off two straight Div I-AA national championships).   The hardest part is that this qualified as a local story here in North Carolina, as in above-the-fold-Sunday-newspaper, lead-story-on-all-the-local-TV-news-shows local story. It was completely impossible to get away from it.

On another front, last month was also apparently the hottest August on record here in Raleigh (or at least back to 1944, when they started tracking whether at RDU airport).  I didn't need the paper to tell me this, though.  A sure sign that it's been too hot for too long?  We were outside yesterday morning, the first morning where it  was in the low 70's, and I caught my 5-year old checking to see if he could see his breath (no joke!).