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A great description of IBM PureSystems

Over on the Expert Integrated Systems blog, Thiago Montenegro has a great no-nonsense (read: non marketing) post about exactly what IBM PureSystems are, and why they might be of benefit to you (What (in the world) are IBM PureSystems?).

After introducing a few of the systems (The IBM PureFlex System and the IBM PureApplication System), Thiago goes on to describe why these systems should be so attractive to smaller organizations:

The large companies could raise the monitoring and management bars by using great tools with the necessary functionality from various manufacturers (including, of course, IBM).

The smaller customers cannot. They are still dealing with the new functionality of virtualization, they are reading about cloud (and two years ago they were reading about –service-oriented architecture, SOA) and they could not implement any of that. Monitoring and central management looked like utopia for those customers. Here is where the IBM PureApplication System shows its advantage.

I do not need to talk to dozens of sales reps, in different groups and brands from IBM. I do not need a budget for hardware, software, monitoring, management, databases, applications, and so on. And, the best of all, my team does not need to learn lots of new software tools – especially those that are complex, non-integrated, and time-consuming. All of that is already integrated within a rack. All the hardware, software and configurations are already done.

One of the key benefits comes in terms of the time to deployment.
When a department asks for a new application the clock starts ticking. There is a time effort for the various technical teams to specify the solutions, procurement to buy everything, and also installation, configuration, and tuning. How long does your organization take to do that — say two to six months? With this new approach of IBM PureSystems, the process is reduced to buying the box, plugging in the box, and turning it on. It is already installed, configured, and tuned. This streamlining brings great value and agility to every company.

Read on for the full picture, and tune back in for a future post where Thiago will go into the IBM PureFlex System.

Link: What (in the world) are IBM PureSystems?