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$2 Million Awarded to Sutter Health, IBM and Geisinger Health System to Study Heart Failure Prediction

IBM, Sutter Health and Geisinger Health System announced today that they have received a $2M National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to apply big data analytics towards the early detection of heart failure.

From the press release:

SACRAMENTO, Calif., DANVILLE, Pa. and YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. - 09 Oct 2013: Today,Sutter HealthIBM Research (NYSE: IBM) and Geisinger Health System announce the award of a $2 million joint research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop new and sophisticated big data analytics and application methods that could help doctors detect heart failure years sooner than is now possible.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death, disability and costly hospitalizations in the United States. One in five adults will develop heart failure, a type of heart disease that remains nearly impossible to detect early.  About half of people who have heart failure die within five years of diagnosis.  
The Research Project
Sutter Health, IBM and Geisinger Health System will use the NIH funding to develop practical and cost-effective early-detection methods for application in primary care practices with an electronic health record (EHR) system. The research aims to:
  • Create a deeper understanding of how to use the data contained within EHRs and advanced analytics to help detect heart failure earlier.
  • Identify best practices that help health systems nationwide integrate big data analytics into primary care. This “Smarter Care” approach will help doctors and caregivers use evidence-based insights to better partner with patients and identify more tailored treatment options and holistic approaches to disease management that are personalized for each individual.   

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