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14,354 - 2,439 - 3,500

No, that's not the world's worst locker combination, nor the play call for the super-secret reverse flea-flicker.  I was recently forwarded the number of registrations for the various Sametime-related downloads and events, and I have to say they look pretty impressive.

  • We've had over 14,000 people view the Sametime flash demo.
  • We've had almost 2,500 downloads of the Sametime for Dummies book (or hard copies ordered) in the relatively short time that it's been out there.  
  • We've had over 3,500 attendees to date for the Real-Time. Right Now. events.  (And there are still more scheduled, not to mention the webcast which can continue to be viewed online).
  • We continue to see anywhere from 40-80 new registrations a day for the Lotus Sametime 7.5 demo server.

So, if you are not one of those 14,354 or 2,439 or 3,500 or 40-80, I guess my question is:  What are you waiting for?