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Upcoming Triangle DB2 User Group (TriDUG) Meeting and DB2 Application Tuner Boot Camp

I just received notice in my inbox that the TriDUG (Triangle [North Carolina] DB2 User Group) has scheduled their next user group meeting for Thursday, 5/21, followed by a DB2 Application Tuners Boot Camp seminar on Friday, 5/22.  

You can find more details on the User Group meeting here.

The Boot Camp will be led by Sheryl Larsen, an IBM Gold Consultant who speaks regularly at IDUG and IBM's Information On Demand Conference.  You can find more detail about her background and the seminar at the SMLI Website.  Sheryl will also be on the agenda for the TriDUG meeting on Thursday, as will Paul Zikopoulos, the Program Director for IBM's DB2 evangelist team.

TriDUG Meeting - Thursday, May 21st
Cost:  $20
To register E-mail:

Meeting Topics:

  • DB2 9 Performance Topics for z/OS Developers;  by Sheryl M. Larsen
  • The Business Value of Intelligent Data Access; by Sheryl M. Larsen
  • What's New in DB2 9.7;  by Paul C. Zikopoulos
  • Update on Data Studio;  by Paul C. Zikopoulos

Briefs for these presentations can be found on our website at:

Seminar - Friday, May 22nd:  DB2 Application Tuners Boot Camp
Cost:  $275
Registration details will follow in a few days when registration is open for this session.  Additional details

Seminar Description:
The majority of SMLI’s performance audits easily discover poorly coded or performing SQL. These statements can easily add up to 25% total CPU utilization. If your goal is optimizing IT, DB2 SQL education and tuning is a low cost, immediate return, high ROI and low organizational blockade solution.

Let SQL tuning expert Sheryl M. Larsen with over 20 years of DB2 experience, award winning lectures and course material, increase your developers’ SQL tuning skills in as little as one day of education.