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 IBM extst Gateway  March 20th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 IBM Lotus Sametime Named Product of the Year by Unified Communications Magazine   March 18th, 2008  (0 Comments)
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 Nasa using Eclipse to communicate with unmanned spacecraft  March 17th, 2008  (0 Comments)
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 Lotus Sametime named Frost and Sullivan North American Enterprise Product of the Year  March 8th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 "You are so fired!"  March 7th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 Will our kids even know what "triplicate" means?  March 7th, 2008  (2 Comments)
 GSA saves $1M through instant messaging  March 7th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 A present from Carl  March 7th, 2008  (5 Comments)
 Alan notices a milestone  March 7th, 2008  (1 Comments)
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 Government Computer News: Editor’s Desk - commentary: Collaboration tools will upend decades of conventional work practices  March 4th, 2008  (0 Comments)
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