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 IOD2009 in Interviews: Steve Mills, Rob Thomas, Mark Register, Maria Winans, Mary Garrett and many, many more  October 30th, 2009  (0 Comments)
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 Breaking: new version of IBM Mashup Center and new IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service   October 26th, 2009  (2 Comments)
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 Rob Ashe Keynote: Analytics and Performance Management  October 26th, 2009  (0 Comments)
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 Never underestimate - or misinterpret - the exponential function  October 25th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Notes 8.5.1 - My favorite 8.5(.1) things so far  October 25th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Cognos deployment at US Lumber achieves 3,623% ROI  October 22nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 MTOTD: It’s Too Quiet Up There  October 21st, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Book Signings at IOD Conference  October 20th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Pride in action   October 20th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Pride  October 20th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 The big law of small numbers, Part III  October 19th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 The big law of small numbers, Part II  October 16th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 The big law of small numbers  October 15th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 VBrick enables Sametime with Streaming Video to Desktop  October 15th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 News Coverage of DB2 pureScale Announcement  October 14th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM pureScale Technology Redefines Transaction Processing Economics  October 14th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Meeting unmet needs: Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle  October 14th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Lacy, lilting, lyric  October 13th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Scrub your contact list  October 12th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Inside Baseball  October 12th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 MTOTD: Top Chef - The first and best?  October 9th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 MTOTD: The Airplane Pitch  October 8th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 MTOTD: Nothing Lasts Forever  October 7th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Researchers Develop Analytics Technology For Telecommunications Industry  October 7th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. switches from Oracle to DB2  October 6th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 INTEGRASYS hosting UC2 event on Oct 22nd  October 6th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 MTOTD (Marketing Thought of the Day): Motivation  October 6th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 MTOTD (Marketing Thought of the Day): Honesty  October 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IOD Conference Savings and DB2 LUW and z/OS Highlights  October 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Completes Acquisition of SPSS  October 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 iscoord launches new is-phone integrated softphone  October 2nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 ITWeb: IBM calls for info transformation   October 2nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Introducing Informix in Box program kit for universities   October 1st, 2009  (0 Comments)