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 Get ready for the big game: NFL stats now available in Watson Analytics   January 30th, 2015  (0 Comments)
 Two new commercials: IBM Watson Analytics and IBM and Twitter  January 6th, 2015  (0 Comments)
 Watson Analytics Beta Now Available  December 4th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Go Inside Watson Analytics (Live Video Chat)  December 1st, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Recap: Insight 2014 Day 3 General Session  October 30th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 IBM and Twitter partner on data analytics   October 29th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 When it comes to analytics, are you a spectator or a front runner?   October 28th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Recap: Insight 2014 Day 2 General Session  October 28th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Recap: Insight 2014 Day 1 General Session  October 28th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 How to follow IBM Insight from home  October 27th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Watson Analytics in Action (demo)  October 9th, 2014  (1 Comments)
 Last Day! Insight (IOD) 2014 Early Bird Registration  September 19th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Introducing Watson Analytics: Analytics for Everyone  September 16th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Your Participation is Needed: 6th Annual Analytics Survey  July 22nd, 2014  (0 Comments)
 $600 Early Bird Discount for Insight 2014 (formerly IOD)  May 21st, 2014  (0 Comments)
 IBM ExperienceOne - personalizing customer engagement  May 20th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Putting analytics into the hands of decision makers  May 20th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 IBM Predictive Analytics to Detect Patients at Risk for Heart Failure  February 19th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Quantified Athletes: Reducing Injuries through Analytics  February 5th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 New SaaS study shows how "Pacesetters" distance themselves from the rest  January 28th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 IBM Sametime: New Name, New Features  January 28th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 Two more TV ads: Smarter Supply Chains and Smarter Energy  January 20th, 2014  (0 Comments)
 New Smarter Planet TV ads -- Cyber Security and Automotive  January 13th, 2014  (1 Comments)
 IBM Invests $1B in new Watson Group  January 9th, 2014  (3 Comments)
 What happens when Big Data meets human resources  November 25th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Social Business in Action: Client Testimonials  November 22nd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IOD Day 3 General Session  November 14th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Two Analytics webinars this week  November 12th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IOD 2013 Day 2 General Session  November 5th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IOD 2013: ECM Keynote  November 4th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Videos from IOD 2013: Denihan Hospitality and Big Data and Analytics as the Next Natural Resource   November 4th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IOD 2013: Day 1 Announcements  November 4th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IOD 2013 Day 1 General Session  November 4th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Fighting Crime with Analytics   October 21st, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IBM Research Unveils Two New Watson Related Projects  October 16th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IBM Mobile Computing: Weighing in at 50 pounds...  October 11th, 2013  (1 Comments)
 PureData System for Analytics/Hadoop and BLU Acceleration Announcements   October 10th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 $2 Million Awarded to Sutter Health, IBM and Geisinger Health System to Study Heart Failure Prediction  October 9th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 OPENPediatrics: Collaborating to improve medical care for critically ill children  October 3rd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IBM to acquire analytics provider The Now Factory   October 1st, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Fortune: IBM’s massive bet on Watson  October 1st, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Best Practices in Improving Customer Analytics: Free Webinar   September 25th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Still on the fence about registering for IOD? Top 5 reasons to attend  September 24th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Tom Deutsch: Putting Big Data Myths to Rest  August 28th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Ad Age: How IBM Is Schooling Tomorrow’s Data Scientists  August 27th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 New advertising: Hiring the right people and increasing retention up to 43%  August 27th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Only 3 more weeks to save $300  August 23rd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Smarter Marketing: "The Customer is King"  August 22nd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 New IBM solution provides CFOs with a single view of customer and credit exposure  August 21st, 2013  (0 Comments)
 From Audiences to Individuals (Video)  August 20th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Infographic: How C-suite executives see the landscape changing  August 6th, 2013  (1 Comments)
 Interesting results from DB2 BLU vs SAP HANA data mart sizing  May 28th, 2013  (2 Comments)
 Trident Marketing Increases Revenue 1,000% with Predictive Analytics  May 9th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IBM X-Force Trends: Data Breach Issues and Solutions (Upcoming Webcast)  May 1st, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Reminder: Big Data at the Speed of Business Broadcast (4/30)  April 24th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Announcement Review: IBM’s New Moves in Big Data  April 11th, 2013  (0 Comments)
 New Ad: Big Data and Analytics  April 8th, 2013  (1 Comments)
 Two opportunities to learn more about the Data Mgmt and Big Data announcements  April 3rd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 IBM Announces New Innovations to Help Organizations Benefit From Big Data  April 3rd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 Information On Demand 2013: Call for Speakers  April 3rd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 NY Times: Why Big Data Is I.B.M.’s Friend  April 3rd, 2013  (0 Comments)
 The data on Big Data is, well, big  December 5th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Walmart processed 5,000 transactions/sec at peak time Black Friday  November 27th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Debunking Myths about Data Scientists  November 19th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Live Blogging the IOD 2012 Day 2 General Session.  October 23rd, 2012  (0 Comments)
 On Strawberry Pop-Tarts and Hurricanes  October 22nd, 2012  (1 Comments)
 Infographic: Big Data - The New Natural Resource  October 22nd, 2012  (1 Comments)
 Live Blogging the Information on Demand Conference General Session  October 22nd, 2012  (0 Comments)
 IBM Addresses Security Challenges of Big Data, Mobile and Cloud Computing   October 19th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 In their own words: the benefits of PureData Systems  October 9th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Introducing New PureData Systems For Transactions And Big Data Analytics  October 9th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Sneak Preview of IOD 2012: "Think Big"  September 20th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 NY Times: How Big Data Became So Big  September 13th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Predictive Maintenance: For when a brake light problem isn’t a brake light problem   September 10th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Achieving High Availability and Disaster Recovery with IBM DB2  September 6th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Big Data, Big Opportunities: Energy & Utilities (New Video)   September 5th, 2012  (1 Comments)
 A great description of IBM PureSystems  August 30th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Only 3 days left for IOD 2012 Early Bird Pricing   August 28th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 AdAge: IBM Uses U.S. Open to Debut TV Ads Targeting CMOs  August 27th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 IBM Data Management Magazine: Security, Privacy, Governance and more  August 24th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Case Study: Colgate-Palmolive supports continuing business growth with IBM and SAP   August 24th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 ZDNet: IBM’s Big Data Analytics Empire  August 23rd, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Guest post in the Atlantic: The CMO/CIO Power Team  August 21st, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Free Telco webinar: Making Big Data Analytics Pay  August 15th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Introducing the IBM Big Data Hub  August 15th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 IBM Data Management Magazine: Bridging the Data Divide  July 18th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Upcoming Tech Talk: Meeting Different Analysis Requirements Across the Organization  July 11th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 How the University of Arizona is delivering 90% faster access to data  July 5th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 James Kobielus: Big Data Mythbusting  July 3rd, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Saving $1M in storage, processing transactions 10x faster, predicting bottlenecks  July 3rd, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Big Data survey deadline extended to July 2  June 25th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 IBM BigInsights 1.4 now Available  June 18th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 An invitation to participate in IBM big data research  June 14th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Technology as a "force multiplier" in solving crimes  June 12th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Using Technology to Remake the Marketing Profession  June 7th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 Thinking Big with IBM Data Management Magazine  June 6th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 One word? Analytics  January 9th, 2012  (0 Comments)
 New Smarter Analytics ad: Smarter by the Second  January 3rd, 2012  (0 Comments)
 IBM Business Analytics Helps Improve Customer Retention by Nearly 50 Percent at XO Communications  October 25th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 New Netezza Appliances Helps Communications Services Providers  October 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New IBM Software Helps Analyze The World’s Data For Healthcare Transformation  October 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 IOD11 Conference Opening General Session  October 24th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 IBM’s ’Jeopardy’ computer lands health care job  September 12th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Last Chance! Early Bird Registration for IOD Conference  August 30th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New Business Analytics and Optimization Web Site  August 5th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Marc Hebert: How to Deal with Data Cholesterol in your Enterprise Systems  August 4th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Modeling Trains with SPSS  August 3rd, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Video: T-Mobile replaces Oracle with Netezza  July 26th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Six reasons to move from Oracle to IBM (Free eBook)  July 26th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New Watson Video: The Science Behind the Answer  July 20th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Improve Marketing Results with New Cloud-based Analytics Suite   July 19th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Why Big Data Requires New Approach to Analysis and Platform  July 18th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Business Analytics and Optimization Benchmark Study: Free Webcast  July 11th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 YO! Sushi Restaurants Use IBM Analytics to Reduce Costs While Improving Sales  July 11th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New Approaches for Big Data  July 7th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 A Closer Examination of Oracle’s “Database Performance” Advertisement  July 7th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Development Notebook: The Evolution of the IBM Smart Analytics System  July 7th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Smarter Computing: In Their Own Words  July 7th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Bringing smarter computing to big data  May 6th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Harvard Medical School Faculty Advances Drug Safety Research With IBM Business Analytics  May 6th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Take MIT Analytics Survey; Enter to Win iPad2  May 6th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Registration for IOD is now open  May 5th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Taming Big Data: IBM Data Mgmt Magazine  May 3rd, 2011  (0 Comments)
 IBM and Yale Prepare Students with Analytics Skills for Next Generation of Jobs  April 28th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 MIT/Wharton: "Data-Driven Decision Making" Boosts Productivity 5-6%  April 26th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Improving Call Center Service with Business Analytics  April 11th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Upcoming Extreme Data Warehouse Performance Webinar  April 11th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition accelerates warehouse queries up to 100X  March 29th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Join me for the Smarter Planet Comes to You campus tour  March 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Two upcoming webinars: Know your customers and choosing IBM or Oracle for Data Warehousing   March 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New Study: Analytics for Public Sector  March 24th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Analytics Reduce Hospital Readmissions by 22%  March 24th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 From "What’s our problem" to "What is our greatest possibility"  March 16th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Information On Demand 2011 - Call For Speakers Now Open  March 16th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 IBM to provide free training on analytics, information management and big data  March 11th, 2011  (4 Comments)
 Future of Enterprise Computing Blog - New Post  March 8th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Latest edition of IBM Data Management Magazine now available  March 7th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Icons of Progress: 100 years, 100 innovations  February 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Deutsche Postbank AG London Branch Deploys IBM Smart Analytics System  February 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Build your own "Watson Jr." in your basement  February 24th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 New on Analytics Corner: Claudia Imhoff (video)  February 21st, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Watson after Jeopardy: What’s Next  February 17th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Three Words: Industrial Strength Magnets  February 16th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 My favorite Watson-related tweets so far  February 16th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Watson on Jeopardy - Game 1 by the Numbers  February 15th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Color Commentary from Watson Research team on Nova  February 10th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 IBM Business Analytics Helps Sequoia Hospital Cut Mortality Rates in Cardiac Surgery by 50 Percent  February 10th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Reminder: Watson will be featured tonight on NOVA  February 9th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Stephen Wolfram weighs in on Watson   February 3rd, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Watch "Watson" on NOVA - Feb 9  February 2nd, 2011  (0 Comments)
 "Final Jeopardy" and one champion’s strategy for defeating Watson  January 26th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 An Unprecedented Main Event: Man vs. Man vs. Machine  January 26th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 Informix Helps Bank of China in London Cut Paper Use 95%  January 25th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 100 Years of IBM (Video)  January 21st, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Where to learn about IBM Information Management at Lotusphere  January 20th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 Craig Rhinehart: 10 Things About the Tech Behind Watson   January 20th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 My first post on the "Future of Enterprise Computing" blog  January 18th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 Register Today for the Smarter Systems Virtual Event, 1/27/11  January 14th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Do Chicks Dig Watson?  January 14th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 Driving visits (and beer sales) at the zoo   January 11th, 2011  (0 Comments)
 Connecting the dots in healthcare: IBM and Premier healthcare alliance to integrate data  January 10th, 2011  (1 Comments)
 New YouTube Channel: Information Management Client References  December 16th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Nominations for 2011 Information Champions now open  December 16th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Video: How Analytics Is Changing Workforce Management in a Borderless World  December 16th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Final Reminder - IOD Virtual Conference - Dec 15  December 14th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM’s Watson Ready for Jeopardy Champions  December 14th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Preventing leaks, Wiki- and otherwise  December 10th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Analytics Corner with James Taylor (Video)  December 10th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Tackling healthcare fraud leads to sweeping reforms for North Carolina  November 24th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Analytics: The new path to value  November 24th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Visa Viewpoints blog: Unleashing the Power of Analytics  November 19th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 The need for speed  November 19th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 USA Today: Tech-savvy put business intelligence to work  November 18th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Industry Summit - Making Markets and New Possibilities  November 10th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 "Smarter planet is not a marketing campaign… it’s a description of what’s happening in the world.”  November 9th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Analytics and the US Open: From Data to Intelligence  November 8th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Announcing Lotus Connections 3, now with advanced social analytics  November 8th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Industry Summit  November 8th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 How IBM clients are benefiting from information and analytics (video)  November 5th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Review: IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User’s Guide  November 4th, 2010  (2 Comments)
 Information On Demand Virtual 2010  November 4th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Live Webcast: Cybercrime Insights from the 2010 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report  November 3rd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Boeing and Cognos: $10 of savings for every $1 spent (video)  November 2nd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IOD 2010 in Video  November 1st, 2010  (0 Comments)
 In-depth blog roundup from IOD 2010  November 1st, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IOD around the blogosphere  November 1st, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Video: Driving Client Care Innovation with the Hertz Corporation  October 29th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IOD Wrapup: "Analytics is not a spectator sport"  October 28th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Advancing the search for dry cleaners and figuring out which questions to ask   October 28th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Tuesday’s IOD General Session: Steve Mills, Frank Kern and Dr. Atul Gawande  October 28th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 A deeper look at Big Data  October 27th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Protecting Data from Abuse by Insiders  October 27th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Why Cognos 10 now ships with Lotus Connections  October 26th, 2010  (1 Comments)
 Tuesday’s IOD News (and more)  October 26th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Cognos 10 Launch (Business Analytics Keynote)  October 26th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 How Visa, Hertz and Clark County are putting information and analytics to work   October 25th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Unveils New Information Management And Business Analytics Software   October 25th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 What question would YOU like to ask IBM’s Senior Leaders?   October 23rd, 2010  (3 Comments)
 Using your hard drive to predict natural disasters  October 22nd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Acquires Clarity Systems  October 22nd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Acquires PSS Systems  October 14th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Want the scoop on Cognos 10?  October 14th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 New IBM Informix 11.7 (Panther) database now available  October 13th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Sets New World Record on Two-Tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark  October 12th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 On Big Data and Not Rehiring Criminals  October 12th, 2010  (1 Comments)
 eWeek: Analytics as "IBM’s Brilliant Trojan-Horse Strategy Technology"  August 25th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 eWeek: IBM Business Analytics: 20 Ways Big Blue Rules  August 24th, 2010  (1 Comments)
 Free predictive analytics seminars - cities and dates  August 11th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Helps NC State University Bring Innovative Technologies to Market by Harnessing "Big Data"  August 11th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Helps City of Memphis Reduce Serious Crime by More Than 30%  July 22nd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Smarter Farming: California’s Sun World Transforms Produce Business with IBM Analytics Technology  July 21st, 2010  (0 Comments)
 New Analytics YouTube Channel and Profile of DC Water  July 12th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 InfoSphere Streams Receives "Top 100 Innovative Products" Award from R&D Magazine  July 9th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Inheriting a Complex World  July 7th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Mark Smith: IBM Advances Business Analytics and Optimization in First Year  July 7th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Applying Social Analytics Improves Television Viewer Satisfaction  June 28th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 New Blog: Analytics for Government  June 24th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 DePaul University and IBM Team to Launch New Center for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics  June 17th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM Smarter Planet campaign wins Global Gold Effie award based on campaign results  June 10th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Introducing BigSheets: An interview with Rod Smith  June 9th, 2010  (2 Comments)
 IBM and the Muppets  June 4th, 2010  (1 Comments)
 IBM Unveils Software to Help Insurance Carriers Get Closer to Customers, Improve Agility  June 4th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Pandora for Cows  June 4th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM and Guang Dong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Collaborate for Smarter Healthcare   June 4th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Tangible benefits highlighted in new Smarter Questions ad campaign  May 27th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 New IBM Ads: Why Information Matters  March 8th, 2010  (5 Comments)
 How SPSS is helping mobile carriers apply deeper customer insight   February 16th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Watch IBM’s Information Governance Launch live (today, 12:30 ET)  February 3rd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM fosters healthcare information sharing with Initiate Systems acquisition  February 3rd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Register Today: Breaking Away with Business Analytics Virtual Leadership Exchange  January 25th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Mayo Clinic and IBM Advance Early Detection of Brain Aneurysms  January 25th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 ReadWriteWeb: IBM CEO on Lessons & Opportunities in Internet of Things  January 22nd, 2010  (0 Comments)
 A free book for a free database   January 21st, 2010  (1 Comments)
 InfoSphere Streams drives ground-breaking covert (shhhh!) sensor intelligence  January 21st, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IBM to Acquire National Interest Security Company   January 20th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 IOD EMEA Conference 2010 and SPSS Directions European Conference 2010  January 19th, 2010  (3 Comments)
 IBM Information and Analytics Solutions in the News  January 19th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 A Prescription for Prediction  January 19th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Welcome to the decade of smart  January 12th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 New IBM Service Speeds Facts to Executives (1933 edition)  January 11th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 We’re listening! Seeking YOUR feedback on IBM Software consumability  January 4th, 2010  (0 Comments)
 Video: Bharti Airtel Turns to IBM for an Information-Led Transformation  December 24th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Breaking Away with Business Analytics: A Virtual Leadership Exchange  December 18th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Want a Job? Analytics is the Thing, Says IBM  December 14th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Explained: Information-Led Transformation in 4 minutes  December 14th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 New IBM Study Uncovers Business Strategies For Weathering Economic Storm  December 9th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Live Webcast today - Smarter Education: An Era of Opportunity  December 9th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Upcoming Webinar: Evolving Storage Demands. Are You Ready?  December 7th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM acquires Guardium for data monitoring and protection  November 30th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 NY Times: At a Software Powerhouse, the Good Life Is Under Siege  November 24th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 DB2 first database recognized as "VMware Ready"  November 19th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 NY Times: Making Health Care Better  November 10th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 New IBM Software Uses Sensors to Speed the Movement of Shipping Containers  November 10th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Opens Advanced Analytics Center in Washington, D.C.  November 10th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Free! Information On Demand Virtual Experience  November 9th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Launches Health Analytics Center  November 4th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Michael Osterman - Info Mgmt and Lotus observations from IOD2009  November 4th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Additional news roundup from IOD2009  November 3rd, 2009  (2 Comments)
 IOD2009 - InfoSphere Streams  November 2nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Merv Adrian: A Tale Of Three Cities, and Oracle, Teradata and IBM Databases  October 30th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 RedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady on information-led transformation  October 30th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IOD2009 Day 2 Announcements: Analytics and Mashups  October 28th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 What do you get the IT Superstar that has everything?  October 28th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Live blogging: New Intelligence: Making Better Decisions  October 27th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Live Blogging IOD2009 Day 2 General Session  October 27th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IOD Blog Roundup (so far)  October 27th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Breaking: new version of IBM Mashup Center and new IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service   October 26th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 Press releases from IOD2009 Conference - Part I  October 26th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Rob Ashe Keynote: Analytics and Performance Management  October 26th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Want to follow IOD 2009 from afar? Here’s how!  October 25th, 2009  (5 Comments)
 IOD 2009 - Getting Underway  October 25th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Notes 8.5.1 - My favorite 8.5(.1) things so far  October 25th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Cognos deployment at US Lumber achieves 3,623% ROI  October 22nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Book Signings at IOD Conference  October 20th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 News Coverage of DB2 pureScale Announcement  October 14th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM pureScale Technology Redefines Transaction Processing Economics  October 14th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Researchers Develop Analytics Technology For Telecommunications Industry  October 7th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. switches from Oracle to DB2  October 6th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IOD Conference Savings and DB2 LUW and z/OS Highlights  October 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Completes Acquisition of SPSS  October 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 ITWeb: IBM calls for info transformation   October 2nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Introducing Informix in Box program kit for universities   October 1st, 2009  (0 Comments)
 InformationWeek: IBM Pilots Telemedicine Project In Italy   September 25th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 New York’s Bravest may become New York’s Smartest  September 24th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM CIO Study: Business Intelligence and Analytics a Top Priority  September 23rd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Introducing the Information on Demand Conference Blogger Program  September 21st, 2009  (0 Comments)
 More than 100 SAP clients have moved to DB2 in the last six months   September 17th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 One thousand million 1Gb memory sticks  September 17th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 James Taylor and The 451 Group: Information led transformation with decision management  September 15th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Helena Schwenk: SPSS finds a place in IBM’s information-led transformation  September 15th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM Unveils New Business Analytics Software for Midsized Clients  September 15th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Finding kidney donors in seconds, not weeks   September 11th, 2009  (0 Comments)
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