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 IBM Sametime: New Name, New Features  January 28th, 2014  (0 Comments)
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 IBM Leader in Gartner UC Magic Quadrant  September 4th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 Announcing the Multimedia Library for Lotus Sametime  September 1st, 2009  (2 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Autoreplace Text  August 18th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 A Little Microsoft FUD  August 17th, 2009  (0 Comments)
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 Sametime Quick Tip: Voice Chats  July 31st, 2009  (7 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Off the Record Mode  July 22nd, 2009  (8 Comments)
 No Jitter: IBM Lotus On Track with Strong UC Offerings  July 22nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Introducing Lotus Foundations Reach  July 15th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Automatically Save Chat Transcripts  July 15th, 2009  (26 Comments)
 IBM Tech Talk on Sametime Gateway  July 13th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Intelligent Location Awareness  July 9th, 2009  (4 Comments)
 CDW: Special Deals on Plantronics Headsets with Sametime purchase  July 2nd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Controlling Notifications  July 1st, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime QuickTip: Privacy Controls  June 30th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 Sametime leader in latest Gartner IM Marketscope  June 30th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 New Virtual Collaboration for Lotus Sametime solution goes live  June 24th, 2009  (2 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Using Multiple Communities  June 23rd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Tabbed Chats  June 10th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Sametime / OCS 2007 Interop II  June 8th, 2009  (0 Comments) hosts webinar on IBM / Avaya UC Solutions  June 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Type Ahead Search  June 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Quick Tip: Screen Captures  June 1st, 2009  (5 Comments)
 Lotus Collaboration Evangelist Kit  May 28th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 CRI offers Sametime & Avaya PoC "in a box"  May 26th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Webinar: Sametime & Interactive Intelligence Contact Center Solutions  May 26th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM at InAAU  May 15th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime News from RIM Wireless Enterprise Symposium  May 5th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Best Practices for Executing a Sametime Advanced Deployment  April 29th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 Epilio Jesse brings social networking to Sametime  April 20th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime and IBM Research showing how to put a UC platform into action  April 12th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime and Lotus at Interop Las Vegas 2009  April 10th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Collaboration Videos a Go Go  April 9th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Are you confused about how Sametime relates to Connections?  April 8th, 2009  (1 Comments)
 Lotusphere Comes to You  March 18th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 IBM at VoiceCon Orlando 2009 - will you be there?  March 13th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Introducing new bloggers  March 9th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Gateway for Business Partners  February 26th, 2009  (4 Comments)
 New Lotus Collaboration Video on YouTube  February 24th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Seven New Sametime Podcasts, Demos and Videos  February 11th, 2009  (3 Comments)
 Re: UC and ROI  February 3rd, 2009  (0 Comments)
 The New Annual "Best in Lotusphere Chotski Award"  January 27th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 Observations from a Lotusphere First-Timer  January 26th, 2009  (0 Comments)
 UC2 at Lotusphere 2009  January 5th, 2009  (7 Comments)
 New Case Study  December 18th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Sametime 8.0.2 How To’s  December 18th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 Sametime Integration with Symphony  December 18th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Now Available: Sametime 8.0.2  December 16th, 2008  (15 Comments)
 Updates to Sametime Unyte (and interesting cross-promotion)  December 12th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Sametime / OCS 2007 Interop  November 13th, 2008  (18 Comments)
 Some big Sametime news from VoiceCon: OCS interoperability  November 13th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 How to Make Unified Communications and Collaboration Work for You  November 13th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Sametime: "The Official U.S. Army Chat Room Software"  November 5th, 2008  (5 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Cool Stuff  October 31st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Global Hyatt signs for Sametime UC  October 22nd, 2008  (2 Comments)
 Give me my iPhone!  October 2nd, 2008  (4 Comments)
 IBM in the UC Leadership Quadrant  September 23rd, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Leadership Alliance (LoLA)  September 21st, 2008  (1 Comments)
 New Docs From ST Support  September 8th, 2008  (8 Comments)
 Immersive Unified Communications & Collaboration?  September 4th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 New Articles from Support (Gateway, MS Integration, Client Downloads)  August 29th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 New UCC Podcast on Messaging News  August 1st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Carl Tyler: Sametime Wallpaper  July 24th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Sametime at Wainhouse Collaboration Summit Boston  July 15th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Interoperability  July 15th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Welcome John DelPizzo, new Sametime Offering Manager  June 26th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Hmm. New teeth.... that’s weird.  June 25th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 New Sametime articles on DeveloperWorks  May 23rd, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Tech Web TV -- The Evolution of Communication with Bruce Morse  May 13th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Welcome to the new Sametime Blog  May 7th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Introducing the new Lotus Sametime team blog  May 7th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 IBM Lotus Sametime 8.0.1 is now available for download  April 25th, 2008  (2 Comments)
 Preview of Lotus Sametime 8.0.1  April 24th, 2008  (13 Comments)
 Take the new Lotus Sametime Personality Test  April 21st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Action needed if you use Lotus Sametime Gateway to connect to Yahoo! Messenger Network  April 21st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 IBM CIO Office Case Study on the usage of Lotus Sametime  April 21st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 New Lotus Sametime VIC Course available for IBM Business Partners   April 21st, 2008  (0 Comments) - UC for SMB  April 16th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Tell me what Sametime documentation we’re missing  April 15th, 2008  (5 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Unyte now available for purchase through Passport Advantage  April 15th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 New Lotus Sametime Entry movie  April 15th, 2008  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Advanced SDK now available  April 14th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Second "So you think you know Lotus Sametime" quiz posted  April 10th, 2008  (2 Comments)
 Another value of persistent group chat: Discussion during meetings/forums   April 8th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Recent System i and SMB Telephony news  April 8th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 No, I didn’t pay him to say this  April 8th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Results from the Sametime Quiz  April 3rd, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Results from the Sametime Quiz  April 3rd, 2008  (3 Comments)
 Nortel Steps Up Collaboration on Unified Communications for SMBs  April 3rd, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Share your opinions on administering the Sametime product suite  April 1st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Advanced available for download  March 27th, 2008  (3 Comments)
 Take a tour of the new features in Lotus Sametime 8.0  March 26th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 Persistant Chat: Twitter for the enterprise?  March 26th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Quiz: So you think you know Lotus Sametime?  March 26th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 Time for a change  March 26th, 2008  (15 Comments)
 IntranetJournal: Try before You Buy with Lotus Greenhouse  March 25th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Mac Guidera makes my day: Sametime Advanced GA in the Lotus Greenhouse  March 25th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Alex Kassabov makes my day: Sametime not just for Notes shops  March 25th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Marketwire: video of IBM Lotus Sametime/Dassault Systemes 3DLive integration  March 25th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 VoiceCon Wrapup  March 25th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Announcing Lotus Sametime Advanced  March 25th, 2008  (5 Comments)
 IBM extst Gateway  March 20th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 IBM Lotus Sametime Named Product of the Year by Unified Communications Magazine   March 18th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Rich Tehrani: IBM’s Big Unified Communications News  March 17th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 First news from VoiceCon: VBrick streaming video integration  March 17th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Taking Notes podcast on Lotus Sametime Advanced  March 13th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Updated technote on connecting Sametime Gateway to Google Talk  March 11th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 IBM Unified Communications and SMB companies (updated)  March 11th, 2008  (3 Comments)
 IBM investing $1B in Unified Communications Market (Updated)  March 10th, 2008  (6 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime named Frost and Sullivan North American Enterprise Product of the Year  March 8th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 "You are so fired!"  March 7th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 GSA saves $1M through instant messaging  March 7th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 A present from Carl  March 7th, 2008  (5 Comments)
 Alan notices a milestone  March 7th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Are you familiar with the Lotus Complete Collaboration Express Starter Pack?   March 6th, 2008  (3 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime video en francais  March 5th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime how-to viewlets  March 5th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime on Facebook: What a difference a week makes  March 5th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Government Computer News: Editor’s Desk - commentary: Collaboration tools will upend decades of conventional work practices  March 4th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Case Study: Nutra-Flo drives global business with robust collaboration platform  March 4th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Open Mic Call: Upgrading to Sametime 8.0  March 3rd, 2008  (1 Comments)
 IT Business Edge: Implementing UC: Go Slow, and Show the Benefits  February 29th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Chris Pepin: Update on Sametime Extranet community  February 29th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Is Lotus Sametime Lonely?  February 28th, 2008  (2 Comments)
 How to add a new community to your Lotus Sametime client  February 26th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Advanced Beta 2 now available through Lotus Greenhouse  February 26th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Attention all YellowBleeders  February 26th, 2008  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime wins NetworkWorld "Best of the Tests"  February 26th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Attention IBMers - new internal Lotus Sametime blog  February 21st, 2008  (6 Comments)
 Osterman Research: Web Conferencing Usage  February 21st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Brent Kelly: Choices in Unified Communications: Comparing Microsoft OCS 2007 to IBM Lotus Sametime 8.0   February 20th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Read this if you’re using Windows 2003 Scalable Networking Pack  February 20th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 IBM Education Assistant for Lotus Sametime  February 13th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Mikkel Heisterberg: Custom Sametime blackbox for  February 11th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotusphere Sametime news roundup  February 5th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Jim Burton, UC Strategies: "IBM is way ahead of Microsoft"  January 31st, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Sametime on the BlackBerry: "Invaluable"  January 30th, 2008  (3 Comments)
 New Lotus Sametime Wiki  January 29th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Strategy and Roadmap sessions  January 25th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 ...not EVEN Sametime  January 24th, 2008  (3 Comments)
 INV 108: Sametime Strategy and Roadmap WILL be repeated  January 22nd, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Live Blogging from the Unified Communications Keynote  January 22nd, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Lotusphere Post #1 - You like Sametime.... You really, really like Sametime  January 21st, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Heading south...  January 18th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 See Sametime Mobile in action  January 17th, 2008  (3 Comments)
 So you think you know Sametime?  January 16th, 2008  (0 Comments)
 Upgrading Lotus Sametime: Update  January 7th, 2008  (1 Comments)
 Midnight  January 4th, 2008  (4 Comments)
 "I think that’s a kind of customer responsiveness we wouldn’t have seen 5 years ago."  December 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Now available: New Express Starter Packs and Lotus Sametime Standard 8 Trial  December 12th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Welcome Rob Ingram to the Lotus Sametime team!  December 12th, 2007  (8 Comments)
 Sametime 8 reports from around the blogosphere  December 6th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 IdeaJam Lotus Sametime plugin  December 5th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Follow up on Lotus Sametime 8 hotfix  December 5th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Update on Lotus Sametime 8 hotfix  December 4th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 New screencapture tool in Lotus Sametime Standard 8  December 4th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime 8 Information Center  December 1st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime 8 - ad hoc FAQ  November 30th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Help me shout  November 30th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Forrester Names IBM Leader in Enterprise IM Wave  November 30th, 2007  (1 Comments) New URL, New site  November 29th, 2007  (4 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Standard 8 and Lotus Sametime Entry 8 are now available  November 29th, 2007  (5 Comments)
 Making your back-end database "live"  November 28th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Are you looking for education material on Lotus Sametime 7.5?  November 21st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Press Release: IBM Helps Telecoms Create New, Dynamic Services With SOA and Web 2.0 Technologies  November 20th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 AP-AOL Instant Messaging Trends Survey  November 20th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotusphere 2008: Sametime All The Time  November 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 A Transition Time for NotesBuddy  November 19th, 2007  (4 Comments)
 Nortel and IBM Use SOA to Streamline Communications  November 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 New Featured Documents for Lotus Sametime  November 14th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Tell me again, Grandpa, why we call it "dialing..."  November 13th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Now taking root in the Lotus Greenhouse: Lotus Sametime Advanced Alpha early release  November 12th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sometimes it’s the little things, v8.0  November 7th, 2007  (5 Comments)
 Sametime Installation Made Easy Webcast  November 5th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Join me Thursday for an online Collaboration Summit event  November 5th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Now at Target...  November 2nd, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime and FaceTime Webcast: Simplify Infrastructure, Lower Costs, and Increase Security   October 31st, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Alcatel-Lucent introduces Lotus Sametime integration  October 30th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sametime and Second Life on YouTube  October 29th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime and Mac Leopard  October 26th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 New Lotus Sametime Case Studies: GE and Celina Insurance  October 23rd, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime and Domino 7.0.3  October 22nd, 2007  (5 Comments)
 Reminder: Webcast on Sametime and Quickr: Monday at noon ET  October 21st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 New Sametime Entry and Sametime Standard video demos on YouTube  October 17th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 New demo of Sametime integrating into MSFT Office/Outlook now available  October 16th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 See Lotus’ Darren Adams discuss UC on zdnet  October 16th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Idea Jam beta: Is Sametime really perfect already?  October 15th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime and customer webcasts  October 14th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Join me for the virtual user group meeting - 10/22  October 12th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 InternetNews: IBM Aims to Burst Microsoft’s Office Communications Bubble   October 11th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Open Mic Call on Client Deployment  October 11th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Hey :-) Happy 25th Birthday!  September 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime receives Frost & Sullivan Unified Communication Global Excellence Award  September 19th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 New Redbook: Sametime 7.5.1 - Best Practices for Enterprise Scale Deployment  September 10th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 IBM’s internal deployment of Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 passes 200,000 user mark  September 10th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Simon Barratt: Upgrade Pains  September 7th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 How do you use the stcenter.nsf page?  September 4th, 2007  (8 Comments)
 NetworkWorld Review: IBM Lotus Sametime tops corporate IM platform review  September 4th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Provide your feedback on Sametime Documentation  August 27th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 IBM Support Open Mic conference call: Lotus Sametime Gateway 7.5.1 Server  August 23rd, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Siemens Strikes OEM Agreement to License OpenScape Technology to IBM  August 22nd, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Sametime Product Family In a Picture  August 22nd, 2007  (2 Comments)
 InfoWorld: IBM to turn Sametime IM into a family of products  August 21st, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Connections Plugin for Lotus Sametime now available  August 21st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Polycom Adds Rich Media Conferencing to IBM Lotus Sametime and Lotus Notes   August 21st, 2007  (1 Comments)
 New FAQ on Lotus Notes Instant Messaging Entitlement  August 17th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Open Collaboration Client for Linux  August 7th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime 7.5.1CF1 Now Available  August 2nd, 2007  (5 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime tip of the day: Auto-replace Text  July 30th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Recording of Open Mic call with Lotus Development and Support  July 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 David Beckham saves Lotus Sametime  July 18th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 DeveloperWorks Series: Working with plug-ins in IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5.1  July 17th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Webcast: Unified Communications: An industry perspective  July 11th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 New recorded demo of Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 instant messaging  July 10th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Live Earth: For every three...  July 8th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Osterman Research on the state of IM  July 7th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Interesting briefings last week  July 2nd, 2007  (0 Comments)
 IBM Lotus Sametime Webcast Featuring Colgate-Palmolive  June 27th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Gartner: IM as critical as having access to phone or e-mail  June 26th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 News/Notes from Enterprise 2.0  June 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 DeveloperWorks Blog: Sametime = Game Time?  June 13th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Nortel and IBM Team to Deliver Simple and Cost-effective Unified Communications for SMBs  June 12th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Press Release: IBM Offers No Charge Software Trial to Companies for Real-Time Text, Video and Voice Collaboration  June 8th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Setting down roots in the Lotus Greenhouse  June 7th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 I hope he built a ’boss’ key, too...  June 1st, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Getting back to blogging  June 1st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 "Be warned, it may be hard to pry it away from users..."  May 21st, 2007  (3 Comments)
 IBM now running Sametime 7.5 Web conferencing  May 18th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 A REALLY Virtual Office: IMing into Second Life  May 16th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 90 Day Trial available again  May 15th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Sametime 7.5.1 90 day trial should be back soon  May 14th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 90 Day Trial Now Available  May 11th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Sametime Demo Server upgraded to Sametime 7.5.1  May 2nd, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Announcing IBM Lotus Complete Messaging/Collaboration Express Starter Pack  April 30th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Sametime 7.5.1 on Mac  April 26th, 2007  (18 Comments)
 Taking Notes episode 60 - Sametime 7.5.1  April 26th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Announcing General Availability of IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5.1  April 24th, 2007  (12 Comments)
 Notice: Sametime Demo site will be down 4/20 - 4/24  April 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 LCTY Minneapolis  April 19th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Forrester: It’s Not Your Kids’ Instant Messaging   April 13th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Blair Pleasant interview with Bruce Morse and Laurence Guihard-July  April 11th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Wainhouse Research interview with Lotus VP Bruce Morse  April 10th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Two Sametime events Wednesday morning  April 9th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Collaboration University 2007  April 9th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sometimes, it’s the little things  April 6th, 2007  (4 Comments)
 Sorry, Eric!  April 6th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 NewsGator RSS Reader for Sametime  April 6th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 System i Integrated Collaboration  April 6th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Nemertes Research on IBM-Cisco Announcement  March 13th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Press and Analysts on IBM/Cisco Announcement  March 10th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 IBM and Cisco announce UC² Client Platform and product integration roadmap  March 7th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Update on BlackBerry DST Patch (solution)  February 15th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 BlackBerry DST patch and Sametime Mobile Bug  February 14th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Burton Group: IBM Sametime 7.5: Just-in-Time Rediscovery of Real-Time Collaboration   February 13th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Free Avaya Unified Communications Web Forum  February 7th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Your opinion counts: Sametime Collateral  February 6th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Image views for Sametime 7.5.1 Screenshots  February 6th, 2007  (4 Comments)
 The Sametime Game  February 1st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sametime and Microsoft Live Communications Server in the press  January 31st, 2007  (1 Comments)
 IM Planet: "Whatever Happened to LCS 2005?"  January 30th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 "Sametime saved my bacon"  January 30th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 "We’re going to need a bigger boat"  January 26th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Thank YOU  January 26th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Lotusphere Day 3 (real day 3)  January 24th, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotusphere day 3  January 22nd, 2007  (2 Comments)
 Lotus Sametime Announcements  January 22nd, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Lotusphere Day(s) 1 1/2  January 21st, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Live from Lotusphere  January 20th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Australian Open and Sametime - Game, Set, Match  January 17th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Business Partners at Lotusphere  January 17th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Sametime and Yahoo! federation now available  January 17th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 VoiceRite podcast with the Taking Notes crew  January 17th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Redbook available: Building Plug-ins for Sametime   January 11th, 2007  (3 Comments)
 Sametime front and center on Lotusphere Online  January 10th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 New DeveloperWorks article: Creating a Sametime 7.5 plugin update site   January 10th, 2007  (1 Comments)
 Oops  January 8th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Study: Most info searches are useless  January 4th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 SNAPPS does it again - Sametime-themed QuickPlace  January 4th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Omnifind plugin for Sametime  January 4th, 2007  (0 Comments)
 Congratulations to this year’s Lotus Awards Winners  December 22nd, 2006  (0 Comments)
 Line56: IBM Lotus: Presence Push   December 17th, 2006  (0 Comments)
 Managing IM Distractions  December 14th, 2006  (1 Comments)
 Podcast with Chris Miller  December 12th, 2006  (0 Comments)
 eWeek Review: IBM retools Sametime  December 11th, 2006  (0 Comments)
 Blog coverage of Sametime Gateway announcement  December 8th, 2006  (0 Comments)
 Sametime Gateway discussion  December 7th, 2006  (16 Comments)
 Press coverage of Public IM, XMPP interoperability announcement  December 6th, 2006  (0 Comments)
 GroupSystems Webinar this Wednesday  December 3rd, 2006  (0 Comments)
 Sing Tao IT Square awards Sametime 7.5 "Collaboration and Communications" Editor’s Choice  December 3rd, 2006  (0 Comments)
 Jealous  November 20th, 2006  (1 Comments)
 IBM Lotus Real-Time Collaboration Gateway is now IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway  November 20th, 2006  (4 Comments)
 Lotusphere 2007: Sametime All The Time  November 19th, 2006  (2 Comments)
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